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Portland High School, home of the Bulldogs, is the most diverse school in the state of Maine. The 1,000 students at PHS come from 41 countries and speak 26 languages. Founded in 1821, Portland High is the second oldest operating public high school in the United States. Located in downtown Portland, Maine, PHS takes advantage of the beautiful city. PHS teachers partner with many community organizations and the Bulldogs compete at some of the finest athletic facilities in the state. Portland High has a long standing tradition of excellence in the classroom; our students attend the best colleges and universities in the country. In addition, the school offers numerous programs and support systems to ensure that students have every opportunity to succeed.

The Portland High School community is incredibly special. Staff and students at PHS describe the school as unique, safe, exciting, energizing, welcoming, and inclusive. Students and staff consider themselves to be part of the Portland family. There is a shared sense of purpose at PHS, as the school community is dedicated to promoting understanding, tolerance, and inclusiveness in its dedication to academic achievement.

Teacher Availability Schedule for Students

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2013-14 NCLB Report Card

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Thursday, November 20th 3-7:30 pm
Monday, November 24th11:30 am - 2:10 pm and 3-7:30 pm
Tuesday, November 25th11:30 am - 2:10 pm

You are invited to meet with each one of your child’s teachers at Portland High School. Your participation is vital and can be a great advantage to your child’s success.  

This year, sign-ups for Parent/Teacher Conferences may be done online at


After choosing the teachers with whom you want to schedule a conference, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Submit. You will be asked to register with your email address and, once registered, will be able to schedule appointments online.

Thank you.

P.H.S. Bulldog Edition Fall 2014

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School Action Plan

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P.H.S. Happenings

Please enjoy the November 2014 edition of the P.H.S. Happenings!

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Informational Letter from the Nurse

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